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  • I have an 8.5 year old Havanese that I have been taking to Vista Pet Hospital since I brought her home nearly 3 years ago. Gigi is quite anxious and going to the vet isn't something she looks forward to. The staff at Vista, especially Dr. Thompson, have always been SO fantastic with my sweet girl. Even when she made/makes their jobs especially hard, they were/are so incredibly patient with her and did/do not let her anxiety (and the behaviors her anxiety manifests as) interfere with the level of care they provide(d). Dr. Thompson is so patient with her and is very mindful of how far Gigi's tolerance has been pushed and doesn't push it too far. You can tell she has a wealth of experience working with dogs who are more fearful and timid from the way she talks to them to the way she handles them and how she provides care. From an owner's perspective, she is so, so great at explaining everything to me and answering any/all questions I may have. I really cannot say enough great things about her or the clinic in general. I am so grateful for the care Gigi has received at Vista, especially with Dr. Thompson, and never hesitate to recommend them to fellow dog owners as there is nowhere and no one else I'd trust to take care of my sweet Gigi.
    Jill K.
  • The visit couldn't have gone better. It's scary to have your pet be sick, but I feel like Jupiter is in good hands with doctors who won't brush off my concerns. I feel very hopeful for Jupiter because of Vista Pet Hospital.
    Aleah Romer
  • 4.7 Google Rating