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  • Shout out to Dr. Jessica Thompson! There is no one I trust with cats and kittens more than Dr. Thompson. I have worked with her for years and she takes the best care of my foster kitties. A few months ago, I had every foster's nightmare, which is a litter of four that tested positive for panleukopenia at 5 weeks old. Panleuk is super fatal for young kittens so I was fully prepared to lose some of the kittens if not all. I was devastated. I was also working with another vet at the time and I was really concerned by how little she planned to medicate and support these kitties. A friend of mine asked how she could help me and I asked if she could find me some shoeboxes, because if I had to take their little dead bodies to the vet I wanted to be able to carry them in something nice. That's how mentally prepared I was to lose them. Dr. Thompson came to the rescue, telling me how much more she would do with antibiotics, fluids and supportive care than what they were getting from the other vet. I had them transferred to Dr. Thompson and we were in touch daily for many days. She answered every one of my crazy questions and was there for quick support with med refills too. Every one of those kittens SURVIVED panleuk and they are now in adoptive homes in two pairs, completely healthy. I owe it all to Dr. Thompson. I can't think of anyone who would have fought harder for those kittens. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Katie McCarthy
  • All four of my pets, my moms pets and brothers pets go here. We love Vista and drive from Hillsboro to them. They have great care and prices.
    Nicole Lamb
  • 4.7 Google Rating